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Pure, undiluted essential oils & essential oil blends

These are brilliant to add a little natural aroma to your home. Add 2/3 drops to an oil burner or diffuser.

Alternatively dilute 2/3 drops in minimum 10ml carrier oil to make a massage blend.

Never apply undiluted essential oils to the skin.

Never ingest! Essential oils are for external use only avoiding eyes and other sensitive body areas.

Keep away from children, pets & polished surfaces.

Please contact us if you need any advice about specific oils and a qualified aromatherapist will get back to you.

Pre-blended massage oils are handily pre-diluted so you can apply straight to the skin. Use the dropper to dispense a few drops and rub between your palms then apply to the body. Oils designed for immune boosting or congestion work well when massaged into the chest, or can also be used for an all-body massage. Please contact us if you have any health concerns or questions about our blends and a qualified aromatherapist will get back to you.

The same safety precautions as essential oil blends apply to these also. 

Pre-blended Massage Oils

Aromatherapy roll-on oils

Designed for people on the go!

These handy tubes can be popped into a pocket or bag and applied whenever you feel the need.

Simply roll onto wrists and rub in. They can also be applied to the neck or other areas. The advantage of applying to wrists is that the veins are close to the surface for easy absorption into the bloodstream and it's also a good place to make it easy to inhale the beautiful aromas.

As ever, follow the safety precautions listed above.

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